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  • Pea Protein Powder can be used in many different foods and beverages for enriched protein content. It is also a natural thickener and can add a silky smooth volume to your recipes. Try Pea Protein Powder in smoothies, soups, dressings, bread, and pasta. It is also an amazing addition to plant-based snacks and desserts.


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Pea protein powder is a protein isolate from whole yellow peas. It is light cream in colour and has a bland, slightly earthy flavour. Pea Protein Powder is a great plant-based alternative to other popular protein powders and is hypoallergenic: it does not contain any gluten, dairy or soy.

NUTRITION FACTS PER 100 GAMOUNT% DAILY VALUECalories380-Fat6 g9%Saturated1 g5%+Trans0 g%Cholesterol0 mg-Sodium1300 mg54%Carbohydrate5 g2%Fibre2 g8%Sugars1 g-Protein79 g-Vitamin A-0%Vitamin C-0%Calcium-50%Iron-140%


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