Shipping Policy

All the shipping costs and plan costs at checkout are calculated by the post office from customer’s postal/zip code retrieved from the shipping address form.

Customer should pay the shipping cost on top of the price of the goods purchased from the website.

We process the order after receiving the payment for the order and it has cleared.
After that, we submit the information of the parcel to the post office. The information given to the post office is what ever the customer requested (i.e. regular parcel, expedited parcel, etc.).
We then pay for the shipping and print the shipping label and apply for a parcel pickup at our store by the post office.
Then the customer’s package is on its way.

However, when a product is backordered, the lead time to shipment is at least 2 weeks. Product ETAs cannot be provided if a product is widely unavailable at the time of purchase.

Shipping time depends on the plan chosen by the customer at checkout. Normally a regular parcel from will take a maximum of 10 days to arrive.


An order’s shipping cost is based on the customer’s shipping address and weight of the items in the basket. If there are inaccuracies (i.e. 100g for a 36g chocolate bar). Please let us know before submitting your order.
The items will stay in your basket and their information will get updated by us; therefore giving an accurate shipping cost. From there, you can go on with submitting your order.