Rootalive Whole Psyllium Husk 454g

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Keto Friendly Whole Psyllium Husk

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Get ready to take your meals, snacks, and drinks from delicious to nutritious with Rootalive’s Whole Psyllium Husks! Packed with health-boosting benefits, our whole psyllium husk is a no-fuss way to get a dose of fibre in your daily diet.

Supports Your Digestive Health

Take a step toward better gut health by naturally boosting your fibre intake with Rootalive’s whole psyllium husk! It contains soluble & insoluble fibre, which helps in maintaining optimal digestive health.

Feel Fuller For Longer

Feeling hungry? Don’t snack your way to weight gain. Take the whole psyllium husk instead! Our plant-based gluten-free and raw psyllium husk promotes the sensation of fullness when taken before meals.

Perfectly Versatile

Use our whole psyllium husk for baking, or add it to your favorite snacks, such as oatmeals, smoothies, cereals, or more. It has a mild nutty flavor that can be masked easily in any of your recipes.

Note: Since this powder has high mucilage content, it is best to combine it with cold liquids and thoroughly mix it to minimize clumping. We also recommend drinking an additional glass of water after intake to ensure hydration. Do not use this product if you have difficulty swallowing.

Feel Good, Clean Ingredients

Our psyllium husk is about as clean and nutritious a superfood as you can get. Sustainably grown, gluten-free, vegan & keto friendly – it’s the perfect boost for your lifestyle! Plus, with an unbeatable quality, you know this superfood packs nothing but goodness.

Why Rootalive?

At Rootalive, we believe everyone deserves access to a range of quality superfoods that are not only delicious but also nutritious. This means that you can enjoy encapsulated goodness at breakfast or any other time of day with ease.

Introduce more fibre into your diet by taking a Keto-Friendly Whole Psyllium Husk from Rootalive starting today!

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