Natural Calm Magnesium lemon flavour 226 g 8 oz

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Directions for Use:  Pour about ½ cup slightly cooled boiling water, or very hot water into a cup or glass.  Add powder, let fizz, stir.  Add to favourite hot or cold beverage, or enjoy like a cup of tea.

Ingredients:  Magnesium Carbonate.

Non-medicinal ingredients:  Citric Acid.  Flavours contain organic stevia.

Mechanism of Action:  The citric acid combines with magnesium carbonate to create magnesium citrate, the most absorbable form of magnesium available.

Nutrient Value, per 1 teaspoon:   205mg of magnesium

Recommended Dose to prevent Magnesium Deficiency:

Men:   2 teaspoons in very hot water provides 100% of the daily requirement of 420 grams

Women:  2 teaspoons in very hot water provides 120% of the daily requirement of 320 grams

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Natural Calm’s family of products provide magnesium in one of the most absorbable forms. Our blend of powders becomes IONIC when dissolved in hot water. We also have transdermal magnesium for topical application and a liquid melatonin for helping with more significant sleep challenges.
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