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The MSPrebiotic QuickStart Trial of 10g packets which can be divided into start-up portions or used as single-serving packet that are perfect for travel or adding to a smoothie on-the-go!

MSPrebiotic is designed to re-new the gut microbiome, re-energize your body, and re-store fiber to your diet.  This prebiotic improves digestive tract health, and ensures that necessary nutrients and minerals are absorbed by the body.  MSPrebiotic® feeds your microbiome, providing an untapped source of energy, promoting regularity and returning balance to your inner ecosystem.


Solanum tubersum extract


First time users start with 3.5g/1 teaspoon (see the line in scoop) per day until gut mircrobiome adjusts. Then increase to 10g per day and increase your daily dose as needed until you reach desired effects.

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