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– Teff flour adds nutrition to baked goods. It can be used by itself or in combination with other flours. Xanthan or guar gum will need to be used to mimic the effect of gluten if teff flour is used at a large ratio (more than 50% of the flour in a recipe).
– As a whole grain, Teff has a slightly gritty texture, something like ultra-fine cornmeal. Take advantage of that by using teff in the same applications where you’d otherwise use cornmeal (sprinkled under English muffins or pizza dough).
– You can use Teff Flour in place of wheat flour in numerous dishes, such as pancakes, cookies, cakes, muffins, and bread, as well as gluten-free egg noodles.
– Pancakes: Made with 25% teff flour, you’ll get a mildly sweet flavour. Teff Flour’s fine texture makes fluffy pancakes that are more tender than those made with only all-purpose flour.
– Banana bread: Banana bread made with 50% Teff Flour and 50% all-purpose flour makes a moist loaf, one where the banana, spices, and Teff flavours complement one another nicely.

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Teff is an ancient grain originating in North Africa. It is a tiny grain, the size of a poppy seed, and is packed full of fibre, calcium, and iron. It’s particularly high in lysine, an amino acid that’s often lacking in other grains. Essential for the production of proteins, hormones, enzymes, collagen, and elastin, lysine also supports calcium absorption, energy production, and immune function

If you’re a fan of Ethiopian cuisine, you’ve had Teff in the form of injera—the thin and spongy pancakes served with each meal and is used in place of a fork to scoop up food from communal dishes. Teff’s malty, cocoa-like flavour also makes it amazing for sweets as well. Its flavour makes it a natural fit for any recipe involving cocoa, chocolate, brown butter, or brown sugar.

Teff Flour is a wonderful alternative to wheat, barley, and rye for those on a gluten-free diet. Teff flour will expand food choices beyond potato, corn, and rice flour!

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