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  • When one is feeling stressed out and anxious, the scent of lavender can be calming and soothing. Our lavender is culinary grade so you can enjoy it in a cup of tea or add it into your recipes at home. Lavender is historically known as the “herb of love”. The flowers have a deep blueish gray colour, with an intense, pleasant aroma and a slightly bitter taste. Lavender can be used to add flavour and colour to recipes. The flowers can give dishes a subtly sweet, citrus flavour.

    Our lavender is grown in France. Our lavender is harvested when the colour of the flower is most vibrant to make sure there is more flavour and fragrance once it is dried. The fresher the flower, the more flavourful its taste. The lavender flowers are picked in the morning when the dew has evaporated and before the heat of the day.

    Lavender is best harvested during June and July. Lavender is harvested only by following precise climatic rules. The harvesting is done depending on the hygrometry, or the air humidity, to be more precise. If there is a long drought period, this can advance the lavender harvesting period within a few days, while heavy rain falls can delay it.

    Lavender grows at altitudes situated between 600 m and 1,400 m. The flowers are completely open in July, but since the middle of June the fields are already covered in different shades of violet and the scent of lavender is present in the air.

    Lavender farming was invented almost a century ago in Provence, to meet the growing demands of France’s perfume industry. The plant’s popularity soared in World War I, when army doctors began using it as an antiseptic.

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