Urban Juve Daily Ritual Oil Align 100 mL

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Suggested Usage:

The Urban Juve Daily Ritual Oils lock in water, so work best when your skin is slightly damp. As soon as you get out of the shower, just pat your skin slightly with a towel to take off the biggest drops, and then smooth the oil over your skin, letting it mix with any remaining water. Finally, take a moment to enjoy the calming fragrance.

Pump some oil into your hands and apply liberally over the entire body after a bath or shower. Use daily, and continue your day with glowing skin.

To use as a massage oil, first apply some to the area to be massaged to moisturize the skin, then re-apply some more to enable your hands to glide easily over the body.

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 100 ml Spray Canister; In 3 Skin Types

Although many give our face and neck extra care to keep us looking and feeling better, we should remember they only represent a fraction of all our skin, which can also become dry or irritated, especially in the winter. These all-natural Daily Ritual body oils from Vancouver’s Urban Juve have both hydrating and moisturizing properties to help with this: the former to help the skin become more soft and supple; and the latter to help smooth it, not only by preventing water loss but also by combating roughness.

Product Notes:

The three types of Daily Ritual Oils all feature Urban Juve’s signature ingredients, hemp seed and hemp root oil — which have no THC and are not psychoactive, of course, but have many important skincare benefits, including being rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other beneficial nutrients; having antimicrobial properties which can help fight acne; helping to regulate your body’s own natural oil production for your skin; and being very good at penetrating the surface of the skin, to reduce dryness and to deliver other nutrients blended with it.

They vary in some of their other ingredients, which are tailored to different skin types. Depending on the type you select, they are formulated either to:

Align normal to oily skin with a nourishing and energizing formula featuring olive oil, Holy Basil, and bergamot essential oils to seal in moisture after bathing, leaving your skin smooth and soft and your spirit calmed;

Balance normal to sensitive skin with a gently fragrant formula featuring safflower seed oil and turmeric essential oil to seal in moisture after bathing and help reduce and control irritation, leaving the skin noticeably silky and calmed; or,

Vitalize normal to dry skin with an indulgent body oil featuring avocado oil, ginger, and cardamom essential oils to seal in moisture, promote elasticity, and help even skin tone, while leaving your skin velvety soft.

You can choose here between those three types of oils offered individually, or in Daily Ritual Kits combined with 4 types of kindred products for the face.

More on Each Type of Daily Ritual Oil

Align: Smooth your skin and boost your mood, with an antioxidant-packed formula which helps protect the skin’s barrier and control excess oil production. This naturally fragrant body oil seals in moisture after bathing, leaving skin beautifully soft. It begins with a base of olive, sunflower, and hemp seed oils, which is enriched with herbal essential oils which not only help the skin but have a crisp, deeply relaxing scent.

Balance: Go for the glow, with this gently fragrant body oil which can quickly seal in moisture after you bathe, to calm, smooth, and renew the skin, while also providing you with an uplifting wood-floral scent from the jasmine, sandalwood and rose essential oils.

Vitalize: For the deepest hydration, this nutrient-rich blend of avocado, sweet almond and hemp seed oils infused with warming essential oils stimulates blood flow​ and smooths, firms and ​regenerates the skin, and provides an invigorating scent (which includes cinnamon).

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