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Gluten-Free Formula Multivitamin For Children

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Helping Your Children Grow Healthy And Strong.

For children, their early years are a source of delight as they explore the world around them, discovering its wonders and secrets. And as their minds and personalities grow, their bodies grow too, experiencing remarkable changes in a comparatively short period of time.

These changes make huge demands on young bodies – and, given the vast amount of energy children also use in play, work and activity, it’s no wonder that they need a constant supply of good food, as well as all the vitamins and minerals needed to ensure healthy growth.

The Perfectly Balanced Formula.
Of course, it’s not always possible to ensure that children maintain a healthy diet – especially with their love for crisps, sweets and fatty, sugary foods but a single daily spoonful of delicious tasting Kindervital will ensure that children receive all the vitamins, calcium and trace elements (from plants) they require.

Containing a natural blend of herbs and fruit juices, Kindervital is absolutely delicious, so even the fussiest child will enjoy the taste.

Kindervital contains no less than nine essential vitamins, together with calcium. It’s yeast-free to safeguard the health of children who may suffer from allergies to such substances.

Why Is Kindervital So Beneficial For Children?
-As Kindervital is in liquid form all the nutrients are easily and quickly absorbed by the body unlike tablets or chewy vitamin supplements
-It contains 9 essential vitamins plus calcium
-Carefully selected herbs like aniseed, coriander fruits or chamomile help maintain healthy digestion and appetite
-Kindervital is free from alcohol, animal derivatives, synthetic additives, chemical preservatives and colourings. It’s also free from yeast, nuts and lactose to safeguard the health of children who suffer from allergies to such substances.

How Kindervital Works.
Kindervital contains a whole range of vital nutrients which help children to maintain strong bones and teeth, good eyesight, balance and coordination, as well as healthy growth and plenty of the much-needed energy required for regular exercise and proper muscle development.

Kindervital Contains The Following:

Vitamin A – Essential for healthy eyes, skin and growth. Also an important antioxidant and immune system component.

Vitamin B1 – Helps the process of generating energy from food, whilst maintaining the nervous and digestive systems.

Vitamin B2 – Ensures energy release from food and helps production and repair of body tissues. Important for healthy hair, eyes and nails.

Niacin – For energy production from food, brain function and healthy skin.

Vitamin B6 – Helps maintain healthy skin, nerves and muscles. Assists production of antibodies and hormones.

Vitamin B12 – Needed for the formation of red blood cells and in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Vitamin C – An antioxidant vitamin that assists iron absorption and supports the body’s defence mechanism. Helps maintain healthy gums, teeth, skin and blood vessels.

Vitamin D – Required for calcium absorption, essential for strong bones and teeth, as well as for proper functioning of muscles and nerves.

Vitamin E – An important antioxidant that protects tissue cells and helps maintain healthy skin. Vitamin E also helps the body to use oxygen, benefiting the blood and blood vessels.

Calcium – Essential for normal growth and functioning of bones, teeth, nerves and muscles. Other important roles include hormone production, Vitamin B12 absorption and the regulation of fluid balance, blood coagulation and heart activity.

Why Is Kindervital So Important For Growing Children?
In an ideal world, children should eat a balanced daily diet of fresh fruit, bread, vegetables, salad, lean meat and fish.

Unfortunately however, children are always in a hurry, so they may miss main meals and snack on unhealthy foods – which, in turn curbs their appetite for proper meals. Fussy eating, fads, diets, the growing trend for vegetarianism – these too can lead to poor nutrition and a damaging effect on young, growing bodies; all the more reason to make Kindervital a regular part of every child’s daily life!

Floradix Kindervital Multivitamin & Mineral Formula is free from:
– Preservatives
– Additives
– Artificial colours and sweeteners
– Genetically modified ingredients
– Pesticide residues
– Radiation and heavy metals

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