Hyland’s Calms Forte 50 tablets


Adults & children 12 years and over: As a relaxant: Swallow 1-2 caplets/tablets with water as needed three times daily. For occasional sleeplessness: 1-3 caplets/tablets ½ to 1 hour before retiring.

Children 6 to under 12 years: As a relaxant: Swallow 1 caplet/tablet with water as needed three times daily. For occasional sleeplessness: 1-2 caplets/tablet ½ to 1 hour before retiring.

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Calms Forté® from Hylands® might help ease your body and mind‚ which could promote peaceful sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining overall good health and many factors like stress‚ illness‚ irregular eating habits‚ and a busy lifestyle might hinder your sleep pattern.

This special blend of components from Hylands® contains four ‘homeopathically-prepared botanicals’ that might soothe your nerves and reduce stress and anxiety. These ingredients include avena sativa‚ which is known to support cardiovascular health and control blood sugar levels. Chamomilla‚ commonly seen in herbal teas‚ may have the ability to reduce the sense of pain and discomfort‚ which could often lead to sleeplessness.

Humulus Lupulus‚ or European hops‚ are known for their soothing‚ sedative effect on the mind and body; it may be one of the best options for relieving any sense of strain and inducing peaceful slumber.

Calms Forté® from Hylands® is natural and safe; it does not contain any sedatives‚ so you may sleep well and wake up refreshed‚ without the worry of being groggy all day.

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