Natural Factors Vitamin C 1000mg Plus Bioflavonoids & Rosehips 360 Tablets



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360 Tabs


1 tablets daily or as directed by a health practitioner.


Contains no artificial preservatives, color or sweeteners; no corn, dairy, starch, wheat or yeast.

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Each Tablet Contains:
Vitamin C
Citrus Bioflavonoids
Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
Microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, coating (carbohydrate gum [cellulose], glycerin), silica, vegetable grade magnesium stearate (lubricant).

  • High Potency 1000mg Vitamin C.
  • With Bioflavonoids And Rosehips.
  • Helps Fight Infections, Cold And Flu’s.
  • Support Immune System Health.
  • Superior Antioxidant Support.VITAMIN C+ Citrus Bioflavonoids & Rosehips.

    In addition to Vitamin C’s powerful antioxidant and infection-fighting properties, this product contains added bioflavonoids. These plant components are known to improve circulation, memory and varicose veins, and to reduce high blood pressure and risk of stroke.The Importance of Vitamin C:
    -As it is a water-soluble vitamin, the body does not store vitamin C, so regular supplementation is vital
    -The body’s need for vitamin C increases during times of stress because vitamin C participates in the production of vital chemicals such as norepinephrine, needed for the ‘fight or flight’ response
    -Vitamin C acts as a detoxifier, helping to cleanse the body of toxins, such as cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide, etc.
    -Bioflavonoids enhance the activity of vitamin C and may improve the body’s ability to hold and absorb vitamin C by 35%.
    -Vitamin C regulates cholesterol, blood pressure and blood clotting.
    -Necessary to maintaining all collagen structures, thereby promoting wound repair, strong bones and teeth, and healthy gums.
    -Protects the aqueous areas of the body (including the blood, intracellular fluid and interstitial fluid) from free radicals
    -Vitamin C protects LDL cholesterol from oxidation and also helps to regenerate vitamin E.Bioflavonoids – An essential component to Vitamin C
    Bioflavonoids exist in all plants. They occur in high concentrations in citrus plants, alongside Vitamin C. Bioflavonoids are essential for the absorption of vitamin C. The body cannot produce them; rather they must be taken in through the diet. They are called vitamin P because they regulate the Permeability of vessels and increase vessel strength. They are used to treat injuries because they repair damaged capillaries, which allows the body to restore proper blood flow to the area. Thus pain is relieved and bruising is minimized. They work with vitamin C to kill bacteria, increase circulation, stimulate bile flow, lower cholesterol, prevent cataracts and prevent herpes outbreaks.

    There are many different types of bioflavonoids. Most bioflavonoids complexes contain some of the following bioflavonoids, citrin, flavones, hesperidin, quercitin and rutin. Rutin and hesperidin are bioflavonoids that are well studied for their effect on the vascular system. They can be used for minimizing bruising or treating conditions such as hemorrhoids or varicose veins because all of these conditions occur due to compromised veins and capillaries. Quercitin is a bioflavonoids that acts as an antioxidant, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory, in addition to its vascular effects. It stabilizes the membranes of mast cells. Mast cells release histamine when they come into contact with an allergen so that the body mounts an immune response. It is this immune response that is responsible for allergic symptoms such as runny nose and itchy watery eyes.

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