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Adults: Take 4 capsules three times daily with a meal or as directed by your health care practitioner. For weight training: Adults: Take 3 capsules up to six times (9 g) daily.

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What is glutamine? It is a neutral, genetically coded amino acid and is the most common naturally occurring amino acid found in muscle tissue. Over 61% of skeletal muscle tissue is glutamine. Glutamine is not an essential amino acid as it is a derivative of glutamic acid, which can be synthesized from the amino acids arginine, ornithine and proline. Glutamine is an important nitrogen-carrying amino acid that may be conditionally essential in certain disease states to support the gut barrier and immune function and overall protein use. Colonic irrigations with short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) preparations have demonstrated enhanced healing of bowel tissue in animals and human beings. Dietary fiber supports bacterial SCFA production, normal stool output, and the gut barrier and immune function. Glutathione (GSH) is a major antioxidant that protects tissues from free radical injury. Glutamine augments host defenses and may be important in GSH synthesis.

Body Building

Glutamine decreases catabolism (the breakdown of muscle tissue). Catabolism occurs when glutamine leaves the muscle causing the cells to discharge water and become dehydrated.

L-glutamine supplementation ensures that high levels of glutamine are maintained within the cells meaning no discharge of water or catabolism. Supplementation prevents glutamine depletion in muscles after workouts. Under periods of stress, including hard and intensive workouts, your body may not be able to make all of the glutamine that it requires. Studies have shown that supplementing with L-glutamine is effective in the replacement of these declining levels.


Glutamine elevates growth hormone levels. It has been proven that L-glutamine supplementation can have a positive effect on growth hormone levels. A recent study has shown that a small 2 g oral dose of L-glutamine caused an increase in growth hormone levels by over 430%.

Antidepressive properties of L-glutamine

Having been tested in a sampler of 43 adults, affected by different forms of depressive, neurasthenic and dissociative illnesses, L-glutamine is indicated as owning clear antidepressive properties, and that asthenia was a target-symptom for its therapeutical use. Out of the endogenous depression with slowed-down motor activity, indeed good results were found in all cases, in which a vital level had been reached by the illness. Since L-glutamine is noticed being a precursor of GABA, this fact itself could explain its antidepressive properties.

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