Aronia ORIGINAL Organic Demeter Aronia Berry Powder 100g


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In our Demeter-Aronia Berry powder were processed over 1,600 fresh Aronia berries in Aronia ORIGINAL quality. The close-to-nature, sustainable and holistic philosophy of biodynamic agriculture according to Demeter and our expertise guarantee top-class Aronia berries. We have committed ourselves to this high standard in order to provide you with the best quality for your well-being.

The production of our Demeter-Aroniapowder begins with the production of pure Aronia juice. Our Aronia juices are pressed just once after harvest. During this gentle pressing, ingredients of the Aronia berry remain in the so-called pomace or marc. The Aroniamarc, which consists mostly of shells, kernels and flesh of the berry, is then dried and ground to a colour intensive powder. As with many types of fruit, the kernels and shells of the Aronia berry contain the highest levels of ingredients.

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